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How to List Expired Listings

  Real Estate Agents in San Diego County are facing the growing challenge of lower inventory and having enough salable house listings available for ready, willing and able buyers. As a result Expired listings strategy becomes one of the best opportunities to win against this inventory shortage game and really take your sales to another level.   SO WHY DO WE EVEN CONSIDER THE EXPIRED LISTING?   Lets think about this…   The expired listing already owns a home. They have made the decision to sell. They are willing to work with a real estate professional. They are willing to pay the real estate professional fees. They want to list with […]

Listing Presentation Tip – Pricing

Pricing the Property   Hello everyone here is a great article that I found and I wanted to share with you and I know it will help you. We have been using this information for a long time and with great success. You can use this idea during a listing presentation and to sell the property faster ! Here it is !   Is there a science or psychology to pricing your client’s property? I believe there is, and that price is a direct function of marketing. A strategic market price will complement your marketing campaign and position your client’s home effectively in the marketplace.   Let’s look at the […]