How I Listed 15+ Houses within 2 Block Radius

lots-of-foreclosure-houses-5During my 25 years in real estate I have been a Top Listing Agent a Top Buyers Agent and a Top REO Listing Agent, (and a Top this and Top that i sound like an agent lol) and during my career I remember the very few occasions where business just fell into my lap and I listed and sold and made a bunch of sales. One of the few instances was back in  the early 90’s and here’s my story:

One beautiful sunny San Diego day I received a call on one of my Advertisements and when I followed up with the lead it turned out to be a buyer lead and this guy was looking to buy. Further I found out that he was currently selling his home and it was getting ready to close escrow in the next 30 days or so. During my conversation with the buyer I found out that the San Diego Unified School district was buying his house to build a school in that area.  I Decided to do further research and found out that it was not only this buyers house, but the School District was also buying about 2 full city blocks of homes ! and of course all of those homeowners and tenants needed to relocate and or buy new homes. As you can start to see the picture that I had stumbled into a gold mine !!  I proceeded to door knock the residents of the 2 city blocks and listed about 15 homes( my presentation was that i can get them more money from the School District , which i did and the School District was automatically paying for any Selling and Relocating expenses which included my 6% commission 🙂 and I sold them and helped those sellers buy elsewhere. I also generated about 10 other sales from tenants( some tenant were getting up to $30k for their troubles) and other sellers in this area, altogether I  probably generated about 30 sales from this School District Purchase. After this I made contact with the School District and found out where they were building more schools in San Diego and found another School nearby that was buying  properties adjacent to school in order to expand the school and made about 9 more sales from that expansion. It also opened my eyes that local governments sometimes need to expand and need to buy nearby real estate. One day while driving down the freeway I noticed that CalTrans was expanding the freeway and they needed the nearby land and that triggered the idea for me to call CalTrans and ask where they are building or expanding Freeways or Roads and I found out a couple of big projects where they were buying homes to expand freeways and roads and I went to those areas and got some sales out those projects.  All these sales happened within a 2 year period. Now that I have given you another great idea its time for you to make some phone calls. Remember that San Diego will keep growing and growing and we will need to expand certain areas.

Here are some additional tips on how to get leads:


*Ask your current buyers and sellers and friends and relatives if they are aware of any new developments or Proposed construction


*Any new Walmarts, Home Depots, Superstores being proposed


*New Stadiums (go Chargers !)


*Check with City on proposed new Mega Construction Sites


*Shopping Centers Looking to Expand


Here is websites for San Diego County School Disctricts and CalTrans


Call me if you need any help or have questions 619-379-4900 Cell

another excellent Idea to help you Attack the Market !!!!!






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  1. Mauricio Rivero says:

    Great tips Lepe, I will follow your advise. Thanks, Mauricio

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