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imagesI wanted to remind you about this article i wrote last year and here it is : Most agents set goals and NEVER accomplish them… they give up or they decide to ignore them. If you want your production to increase in 2016 here is a simple way to be more productive.
Don’t focus on the year…. instead focus only on Today! Yes, thats it !!! , just focus on today being the most productive day you can possibly have !!! and yes I know that TOP agents set massive annual, quarterly and monthly goals… however it will boil down to their daily goals that will determine their production. So here is a simple way on how to do this !


Lets focus one day at a time and that is it !!!! one day at a time !!! here are the steps:


1. Brainstorm- early in the morning and think on how to improve yourself and you business. Keep it simple for about 20 minutes.
2. Focus on one goal only for the next month and that is it ! for example getting one listing or getting one buyer into escrow and focus on this goal everyday, this will eventually become a habit.
3. Stay focused on your goal all day long and repeat this step for the next 30 days.
4. Create a Mantra- turn it into a personal mantra, how can you put your goal into a 2-4 words, a phrase that means something to you, for example “sell the market” or “working for money” or “Sell a Ton” mine is “Attack the Market”, post it somewhere where you see it every single day and throughout the day to remind you.


The only way to have a SUPER year is to win enough months, and to win enough months you must win enough weeks, and to win enough weeks you must win enough days !!!!! Win the days is key !!! Each day when you wake up, ask yourself, what MUST happen today to make today a HUGE win? What MUST I accomplish today to be on track to success? Then….. EXECUTE!


Attack the market !!!!!! and the Turkey… Happy Thanksgiving !!! enjoy your family and friends.




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  1. Working on my 2017 business plan this week!! I met with someone this week that told me that sometimes we have to break things down in 30 minute increments just to see where the hours in our day are REALLY going!

    Getting it in writing is so important to make things happen!

    Thank you very much for your ongoing encouragement!

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