Monthly Archives: March 2015

No Business Cards? Its good !

Hello everyone !! I wanted to share with you a quick strategy I learned years ago from Gary Keller who is the Founder/owner of Keller Williams….   Here it is !!! the strategy is this…. Do NOT Hand out your real estate Business Cards!   Why the heck would I want to do that?   Here is why, and believe me, I was hesitant when I first started trying it too…. When we give people business cards it puts the person in control, whether they want to call me back or not, and in our business we want to be in control…. What I mean by this is if I […]

Agent Listing Presentations Tips !

Over the last 25 years in real estate i have seen listing presentations change from a simple 2 page data presentation to a 150 page 3″ Binder full of  reason why they should list with you, to a 1 hour i-pad digital listing presentation, and its all good, however all the bells and whistles are not what will get you the listing. Here are the key elements to have a Successful Listing Presentation and walk out of home with the Listing !!!!   1. Listening and Connection above everything else-   (remember we are in the Human Relations Business ! and sellers are not Robots, they are actual human beings with emotions and […]