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It is with great pleasure that I share with you, that TurboAgents(Secrets of Top Agents) was just a little idea when it was launched not even  two years ago. The idea was to share my 25+ years of real estate knowledge and the “secrets” as a Top Real Estate Agent in San Diego and How I Became a Top Agent and those secrets from other Top Agents from around the country and share them with the Real Estate Industry and what I was taught and have learned these past 25+ years by so many different mentors and coaches to help me become a Top Agent and selling well over 50 homes in one year(just me no teams) and Hundreds of homes over my career and personally invested and purchased hundreds of properties and to help and make an impact on agents personal and professional lives.

This is one way of giving back to the real estate industry that has given me and my family so much over the last 2 decades. Without you, the readers support, this blog would have been falling on deaf ears, and would have been a waste of time and energy but thanks to all of you I have been able to share what I hope is relevant, helpful content to assist you in becoming more effective agent and profitable with your real estate career and in your own personal life.

Here is what this little idea called TurboAgents has done and become in under a few years of existence… An amazing response that I did not expect.


Here are the Numbers:


  • *Engaged Agents from 15 different countries
  • *Welcomed over 7,300 unique visitors
  • *Agents visiting from over 64 cities
  • *Over 1,000 visitors coming to the website from social media websites
  • *800 agents joining us from mobile phones and tablets
  • *205 Facebook likes
  • *Hundreds of , personal emails, thank yous, questions and comments.




Happy Holidays and Stay Strong !!




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  1. Jennifer Oswald says:

    Thank you. Donna and you are the best. Joining Foster Hamilton Real Estate is one of the decisions I made. So thankful and appreciative.

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