Top 10 Must Have AGENT Apps for 2015

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You probably didnt know this but I’m a super big fan of new technologies( i consider myself a Technology Geek) !!! and I consider some apps to be real lifesavers !!. I will always accept any help I can get — especially if the only thing I need to do is tap the “download” button and have available on my cell phone anytime. These cell phone apps will help the real estate agents.


I’ve created a list of the 10 best work-related apps that you can use almost every day. These wonderful inventions can help you organize, schedule, Impress clients, or keep your paperwork just a click away. so here is my list in no specific order :


1. SentriSmart- By Sentri Lock


Open and manage SentriLock lockboxes. should i say more? getting rid of your credit card looking lockbox key and having it on you cell phone, thats great !!!! get this now !!!


2. CostsFirst- By Turning point Software


CostsFirst Closing Cost program calculates closing costs for FHA, VA, Conventional loans and Cash Transactions. Agents can use their existing CostsFirst login from the CostsFirst Web application and through Cloud Services; have access to their Saved files. a must have when on a listing presentation to calculate Sellers Net proceeds or Buyers Closing Cost. every Agent needs this !!!!


3. Real Estate and Mortgage Calculator By Kynectric


Offers Different Calculators:


Mortgage Calculator: Helps you know how much your estimated monthly payments will be


Optional Mortgage Amortization Chart – gives you monthly breakdown of the payments you make each month for the life of the loan


Loan Qualifier – calculating the required income for the desired purchase price. This will calculate the Front End and the Back End, you will be able to modify the requirement rates (Down Payment can be entered as % or $ value.


Cash Flow Calculator see if the property is a worthy investment


I Love this App !! it needs Sellers Net Sheet otherwise it would be perfect.


4. RoomSCAN – Room Measurement application


Room scan will draw floor plans by itself – all you have to do is touch the wall with your phone. Once the app beeps you can move to the next wall.


Rooms automatically connect with each other. Measurements are within 6 inches of exact measurement.


great on a listing presentation to measure rooms or when showing a home to buyers and measure rooms !! this is so cool !!


5. Docusign:  every agent should know what this is and should have it or PDF Expert which is less inexpensive


6. PDF Expert 5 By Readdle


Fill forms, annotate PDFs, sign documents it features what seem to be endless possibilities. I can edit, file, sign, send and so much more. There seems to be nothing I cannot do with PDF Expert, and that is what makes it so great. It is on the higher end of apps at $10 to download, but it’s well worth the investment if you intend to go paperless.


7. KeyMe


This is a really cool App and every agent should have this !!!! wow i dont need to go and make duplicate keys at the store !!! mobile app is a secure way to copy, share and personalize your keys and solve frustrating lockouts.These are just a few of the most helpful apps that can make your lives easier and boost your productivity. you can be on a listing appointment and scan the sellers key to the front door and thats it wow !!!


8. Waze


Mapping/Driving app: App connects you to other drivers. Drivers can post what areas to avoid (check points, constructions, speed check, accidents) and share them with the rest of the community on the app.


9. DropBox


Everyone should have a drop box account !!!! Dropbox is essentially a digital filing cabinet that you can have with you at all times on multiple devices. Contract changes that you and the client made on your desktop are automatically updated on your tablet. Media photos taken on your smartphone are synced with your laptop.


the following apps are great to have your clients download to do home,vendors, affiliates searches and should be used by your clients during and after close of escrow.


10. Calendars 5 by Readdle


Everyone should have this app super nice and easy to use. Calendars 5 makes it very easy for your to create an event by just typing it in human language. Simply write something like ‘Meet Ben tomorrow at 5PM at Starbucks’ and Calendars 5 will parse everything, creating an event for tomorrow, inviting Ben from your address book and picking the Starbucks on the map. How cool is that? Calendars 5 syncs perfectly with standard iOS and Google Calendars. You can even add tasks and accept invitations




1. Dizzle 


i think this is one of the best apps out there that will help you stay in touch with your clients after close of escrow. this is an awesome app !!! get it today !!!!


The Problem: Clients endlessly ask you for recommendations on everyone from a local handyman to a dry cleaner. Continually following up on these requests takes a lot of time, let alone following up with past clients on a regular basis.


The Solution: Your clients can quickly access all your recommended vendors from your personally branded app on their mobile phone. (Like an Angie’s List but it your own)


allows you to build your own mobile real estate agent app The app incorporates your trusted vendors, ability to update clients with the latest real estate news via push notifications, Dropbox integration, and a contact page. With a goal of keeping your app on your client’s phone for the life of the relationship, Dizzle aims to add value by building features clients engage with long after handing them the keys.  Stay top of mind with your clients with a branded agent app powered by Dizzle.


2. SmarterAgent


Your App is your own fully branded app. it is tailored for you only with your name phone numbers email address etc. all calls texts and emails go to you directly regardless of listing agent and your clients can search for houses no matter where they are. all leads go directly to you and your cleints can download this app to their phone.

I hope this you enjoy these applications which will allow you to take your office anywhere and are great strategic business moves and will help you increase the productivity and efficiency in your busy real estate business !!!!


go out and Attack the Market !!!!





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