imagesThe Real Estate Sales War: Business, like war, is competition. Some win and survive. Some lose and cease to exist. Business, like warfare, is a contest of wills, dynamic and fast-paced, based on morale, intellectual strategy, technology and equipment, dealing with the effective and efficient use of limited – and sometimes scare- resources.
this is what i think is important to have success:
Avoid competition.The best competitive strategy is to win without fighting. With the real estate sales market changing everyday !! you can be first with a new marketing ideas !!! Be the first to have a real conversation with the actual buyer, the human being whose personal interest must be understood and accommodated before a sale can be made.
remember we are in the Human Relations Business(hard selling does NOT work- but thats a whole different chapter).


Identify and characterize your buyer. Remember they must LIKE you and they must TRUST you and then they will sign the contract.


Win with speed and agility. Speed kills your competitors. in other words CHANGE WITH THE MARKET and FOLLOW UP !!!! How long does it take after someone fills out a form on your website before they have a real conversation with someone on your sales team? technology, marketing changes daily, stay ahead of the game.
Business intelligence of the human kind. If you want to know what’s going on, you need to listen. More selling conversations means more listening to your client, but really listen to them(most agent dont listen), which means more reliable facts to inform you and let them feel that you care about their house needs.


1. It takes courage to be on the front lines
Fear of rejection is one of the strongest reasons why people are scared of Real Estate Sales. Typically, you’re going to get a lot of NO’s before you get the Big “YES, i want to list with you today” !! :). In that process, you constantly have to keep getting back up and charging forward. The only way to win the war is to keep battling. As a real estate agent your team(your team includes your family,wife,kids) puts a lot of faith in you to carry out the mission. All the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into your prospecting, follow up, and it only matters if you can close escrow. Like the Spartans’ philosophy on war, once the line is broken the battle is lost. If your job is to sell and you give up, the whole company will suffer.


2. Strategy is key for success— in other words be prepared !!!!!!!!!!!!!! sometimes preparations takes days even weeks to prepare when you do an Open House or Showing Homes or go on a Listing Appointment.
Too many real estate agents undervalue the importance for preparation before heading into a Open House or Listing presentation or Door Knocking. In other words generate better Information for your Buyers and Sellers. Napoleon was arguably the best war commander of all time. He was known for spending countless hours strategizing before the actual battle began. He would think through every possible scenario. So, while others were surprised by setbacks, he already prepared in advance for them.

Would a leader of an army head into battle with no strategy? No. To be exceptional at real estate sales, learn from Napoleon and have every scenario planned out.Have a Business Plan.


3. Never Stop Until The Job Is Done— in other words keep doing your job which is: prospecting, Follow Up,Buyer&Seller Presentations, Closings.!!!!!!!!!!
In Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power, one of the rules is to Crush Your Enemy Completely.
Don’t let other agents take your business in your own backyard!!! Similarly in sales, when you have a chance to close, you take it!!!!


ready, set,Attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    Great blog post Ulysses.

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