How to List Expired Listings



Real Estate Agents in San Diego County are facing the growing challenge of lower inventory and having enough salable house listings available for ready, willing and able buyers. As a result Expired listings strategy becomes one of the best opportunities to win against this inventory shortage game and really take your sales to another level.




Lets think about this…


  • The expired listing already owns a home.
  • They have made the decision to sell.
  • They are willing to work with a real estate professional.
  • They are willing to pay the real estate professional fees.
  • They want to list with a real estate agent again that can get the job done.


Do I need to say anything else to convince you why you should focus on Expireds?



I personally called expireds for many years and i had fair success, but those days are gone, back then you had way more telephone numbers available to call.


Nowadays many agents call Expireds on the phone and I have found it to be a total grind. In South County San Diego there are about 2,000+ agents . In some board’s they had to change the computer system to release the day’s Expireds at 9:00 AM instead of 12:01 AM (just after midnight) because some agents started calling them at 5:30 AM and the public started complaining! By 9:45 AM, the average Expired may have already had NON STOP phone calls since 9:01 AM. When you finally get through to them, no matter what you say or how slick your presentation, they are ready to shoot someone lol . These are Not the kind of calls I want to make!! dont get me wrong, it works ! but its not for everyone, i know of an agent that Loves doing this and he get listings !! but again its not for everyone.


Plus, a lot of agents take the phone numbers out of the listing before it expires, and many are vacant, have out of state owners, or unlisted numbers that can only be reached by mail or delivery. DONT FORGET: The smart marketers get potential clients to call them!!


I Know of a top Agent in the country that has listed hundreds of Expireds that all called him from direct response letters, postcards, and packages that use either first class mail, or often have an assistant hand deliver to hot Expireds that he really wants. I am not saying you can’t be successful calling Expired listings on the phone, because you can.  You can also dig a basement with a pick ax and hand shovel.  Me, I would use a big tractor instead. Either way will work, but one way will take a lot more time and wear you out.




Let me share with you the Expired power system step by step from Top Agent and Expired expert and watch your expired listing inventory begin to grow and increase your sales and finish 2015 strong! here is his secret formula and process !!


on average a 15% return response of “please come list my house” calls on his packages for listing expired clients.


  • Step one is to criss cross your expired list to ensure they are expired and not sold or already relisted ( Suggest services like or ) list is scrubbed and sitting in your inbox in the morning.


  • Prepare your expired mailing package to be placed in a gift card size envelope like 9” X 9” in size.


  • Hand address the envelope to the expired prospect.


  • Place a holiday theme postage stamp like a wedding bell theme postage stamp to make the appearance like a wedding invitation.


  • Item 1 inside the envelope is a double sided post card. One side has an image with the title “Need Real Estate Help? Don’t drown, there’s no need!”The other side of the post card says. No Matter Why You Need To Sell Help Is Here. I am an expert and know the ins and outs of selling homes. I understand that saving a home can save a life, which can save a family, which can save a future. For whatever reason you are selling your home, I market your home unlike any other agents. My marketing gets results.


  • Item 2 inside the envelope is the letter “Do you want your home just listed or want it Sold?” the letter explains your marketing plan and what you do for marketing a sellers home in detail.


  • Item 3 inside the envelope is a page of Testimonials from expired sellers homes that you helped. “What my clients have to say.”


  • Item 4 inside the envelope is a page of homes that you sold for expired clients in how many days, for % of asking. Very powerful image with 20 pictures of sold expired listings on one page. “I’ve done it again… and again… and again…” across the top. Choosing the right agent to Market and Sell your home is easy when you look at the facts.


  • Item 5 inside the envelope is a printout of their previous MLS data sheet of their listing. Using a free software called SNAGIT you can now box, highlight, place arrows and make comments of all the data that is missing, errors that were not effective in the last listing that you would change this time around for them.  For Example. Narrative needs to sizzle and sell the home. Sellers disclosure not uploaded. Data missing in different areas. This alone is a powerful visual tool to be able to engage the expired listing client.


  • Finally you would then seal the envelope and with your wax seal of your initials that you bought from You seal the back side of the envelope and mail or BEST personally deliver your power package for expired listings and watch what response you get from this type of marketing plan.


I hope you liked this Expired strategy as much as I did and thanks to this Top agent for the fantastic idea. FYI there is an agent in our office who is currently using a very similar process and is working great !! if you would like a copy of our package call me and i will email it to you. I am excited about you building your listing inventory in the final half of 2015 and finish this year strong! what 2015 is already over ???? yep before you know it , so i wish you a happy Holloween and Happy Thanksgiving Day !


have a Wonderful week and go ATTTACK the market !!!!!




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  1. I would love a copy of the expired listing package.

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Candace Thrower says:

    Hi Ulysses,
    This tactic is very informative. Expired listings have been an area in my business that I have always felt a little intimidated to incorporate because I didn’t want to call after feeling that half of my office had already done so and used the same exact script. I would like to try this strategy and appreciate that you are willing to share it.
    I will try it and follow up with you to let you know how success it was.
    Thank you so much for helping me add value to my business!
    Take care.


  3. Tracey says:

    I love to receive your expired package.

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