How to Build A Listing Inventory

I Wanted to share this post that i wrote for you last year :  You probably don’t remember Floyd Wickman because he was before your time , he was one of the great real estate coaches that I would follow. I learned many things from His Master Sales Program and one of them was that, “LISTINGS are the Name of the Game.” !!!!!!! If ever there’s been a time where listings are the name of the game? It’s right now !!!!!!!! and I hear it all the time “How do I Get More Listings”!  And here is what else I learned, that, “your listing inventory level will determine your income level.” Another thing I learned from Floyd Wickman is that “you can’t sell what you don’t have”.

Here are key elements in building a listing inventory and ideally You need all five of the basics going simultaneously:


1. Build your Database. Focus your energy and effort on the best referral sources SOI. Send them something every month. call them at least three times a year. And see them in person at least once a year.
2. Work For Sale By Owners and Expired listings. Send them something. Call them or mail them Value. Go see them in person and bring Value with you.
3. Hold Open Houses to generate listing leads. (see my article on Successful open Houses) It means work the neighborhood in advance. Work your prospect database in advance. This past weekend a brand new agent I work with scheduled a listing appointment from her open House !
4. Door Knocking to generate listing leads. When a new listing goes on the market, there are as many as seven other homeowners within the nearest 250 homes that also want to sell. Send them something. call them or mail them or best Go out and see them. FIND THEM !!(see my article on Door Knocking)
5. Religiously follow up all leads. More business is lost due to a lack of systematic follow up than for any other reason. ( See my article on Follow Up or Go Home) Follow up internet inquiries. Follow up telephone inquiries. Follow up networking inquiries. Follow up Open House leads. Follow up just listed/just sold leads. And follow up all referral leads. JUST FOLLOW UP !!

6.Farm and focus on your target area, send Just listed or Just Solds or other type of Direct Mail (see other article on Direct mail)


Good Luck getting those listing and like always call me direct 619-379-4900 with Q’s or to start your farm today ! have and go Attack this Market !!!




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