!! Powerful First Impressions !!

I have met a ton of agents during my career and I think many agents underestimate the importance of this, to the point that I think agents miss out on 3-5 sales a year sales because of this.
First impressions can make or break an opportunity to create new relationships and build
existing ones. Within seconds of meeting someone for the first time, your appearance, body language and non-verbal communication will create a lasting first impression.
First impressions are lasting for business.
What is a first impression? It is the way people perceive you from the first second they meet you, either personal or in business. “You don’t want your Buyers or Sellers to be distracted by your…appearance, if you are to “flashy” they might get a bad message and get turned off by your dress attire.” is it worth losing 3-5 sales a year by the way you dress?.
As a professional real estate agent you should be professionally dressed in business attire.


For men its really easy, this should be a business suit & tie! or dress slacks with white shirt and tie!. period !!!!!! anything less means less business for you !!! trust me guys, your cute $200 designer shirt and $200 designer jeans are telling buyers and sellers that you are not a serious person and not professional and that you are not concerned with the biggest investment of their lives. You are going to wear jeans to a Seller or Buyer presentation while your competition wears a Suit? haaaa! good luck. Its like going to a doctors office or attorneys and they are wearing designer clothes and NO this is NOT Million Dollar Listing LA so dont think you can dress down like they do.


For women, well for women maybe I should just keep my mouth shut! lol, but im not, because I want you to make more sales! I have seen many women agents out there, that dress less than professional, and I think they should be as professional as possible. Pant suits, a suit with a skirt(not mini), a conservative dress(not showing arms), or a pair of slacks and a nice blouse are acceptable, I would strongly urge you against any attire showing too much skin, or you will risk losing a few clients a year, “the more skin you show the less you will sell”. over the years I have met and heard of clients where the wife has told the husband (and vice versa) “honey we are not buying a house with her”. But maybe its worth it to you?.


Of course everyone should be well groomed, from their hair to their finger nails. No hats. Shoes should be polished. Remember you are going to be their agent and they want to be feel proud of you being a total professional.
Also remember your car, which is your office when you are with a client. It should be washed and clean looking. I know of a top agent that still has his 2003 Jeep Cherokee because dealing with the first time home buyer price range believes buyers will more easily accept him, instead of rolling up in a Bentley, even in the mid range buyers might find the Jeep more relaxing. Remember we are in the Human Relations Business.


Attack the market !!!!!!!!



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