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Over my last 25 years in real estate i have seen real estate marketing trends come and go.


Like fashion(Bell Bottoms pants) and music(Thriller) something old becomes new again.


A few of the agents that I work with and other agents that I talk to, are seeing great results from direct mail, yes that is correct, mailing marketing material to directly Buyers or Sellers homes and is a great way to get listings and buyers !!!


The amount of mail has dramatically decreased over the years, in other words less Agents do Direct Mail.
Ask yourself when was the last time you received anything of value by mail? Like a letter, postcard, hand written note?


People are actually taking time to read and open mail that looks like it has some value to it.


Real estate agents have not been using this Direct Mail strategy for years now and competition in this type of marketing is at an all-time low!!!! in other words not many agents are doing it.


Here is how to begin:
Start by choosing your Farm area and then building a marketing campaign around something of “Value” something that Buyers and Sellers want and need, in other words, FREE INFORMATION on how to buy and sell FAST ! So lets focus on campaigns that focus on one thing, THEM !! the Buyer or the Seller !!! we need to provide them with information that will make them call you !! here are a few ideas on what is good information to provide.


1. CMA-Sellers are always curious and now more than ever, with all the recent activity in real estate sales they are all wanting to know what their property value is. Curious what your home is worth? How much equity you have? Offer a no obligation over the internet or over the phone instant home evaluation.


2. Replacement property-The other seller’s challenge is they are hearing it is very difficult to find their next home, so the fear of them selling before buying is a real concern.


3. Time Frames- How fast will the property sell.


4. Selling Hurdles- obstacles to avoid and how to prepare yourself when selling a home.


5. and of course the famous: Curious what your neighbor just listed for? latest “Just Listed” card to the neighborhood and “Just Sold”


6. Listing Agreement Cancellation Guarantees


7. Guarantees on selling price and time frames, will values of homes go up? or down?


8. Selling Mistakes to avoid


As for the buyers, they are facing the many challenges and other obstacles. look at all the challenges buyers are facing and create a Direct Mail campaign that address their challenges and offer them the solutions.


1. Hot Buys – Struggling to find a real estate deal? Offer hot lists for foreclosures, REO’s, distress sales, estate sales and fix and flip properties.


2. Shadow Inventory – Can’t find what you are looking for? Offer to provide lists of properties for sale but not on the MLS like exclusives, expired and pocket listings.


3. VIP Buyer Home Hunter Plan – Can’t find what you are looking for? Offer to door knock or direct mail areas, neighborhoods or complexes on buyers behalf until you find something they want to buy.


4. Want to get notified instantly of a home that fits your search criteria? Offer to set them up on a personalized, customized auto email alert system. Sellers and Buyers get instant notification via email for Listings, sales, reductions and expired.


5. Receive the latest Open House list in your preferred area. ” Upcoming Listings” in your area.


6. Obtain the best financing available, Tax Credits, Silent Seconds,MCC,Grants, etc with your help


7. Buying Hurdles- obstacles to avoid when buying and how to prepare yourself


8. Buying Mistakes to Avoid


9. Free Neighborhood Profile reports and Demographics


as you can see there is a ton of information that you can provide buyers and seller to make the phone ring without having to say “I am the best real estate agent in the world” . providing value for your clients is key !!!


Attack the Market !!!



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    That was a very helpful & encouraging information.

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