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LinkedIn ! does it work ?

I Hear it all the time and its the ongoing debate in the real estate industry, is the effectiveness of social media and in particular the use of LinkedIn and whether an agent can actually make any sales from it and the answer is: YES YOU CAN !! i know a few agents that have closed a few deals from LinkedIn !! I Found this great article and i wanted to share it with you. People have different views of the real estate business, but I ask you this: An unwritten aspect of what we do on a daily basis in real estate as part of our business development is looking for […]

Convert Leads Into Listings !!

Would you like to convert more listing leads into signed listings? If so,here is a system from one of the TOP Listing Agents in the USA. Many agents go on listing appointments with little more than a CMA in hand. They lack a specific marketing plan and often fail to explain the services that they provide for their sellers. As a result, it probably comes as no surprise NAR statistics have repeatedly shown that approximately 7 percent of the agents are doing 93 percent of the business. One of the best ways to stand out from the competition is to have a pre-appointment system. Here are the key items that you include: […]

FREE Money for Qualified Buyers ?

This Article is for Real Estate Agents only: I always enjoyed working with First Time Home Buyers, they were easy to work with and not picky and just wanted a home and it was always easy to motivate and get them excited about buying with all the First Time Buyer Programs and Incentives that were available, in other words FREE MONEY?!!!!!. I work with a few agents who are having great success using these programs. These programs are a great tool for you to use in your marketing and in getting buyers excited and motivated in getting qualified and purchasing homes. Federal, State, and Local Housing Finance Agencies are providing funds for down […]