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just-listed-new-home_650Would you like to convert more listing leads into signed listings? If so,here is a system from one of the TOP Listing Agents in the USA. Many agents go on listing appointments with little more than a CMA in hand. They lack a specific marketing plan and often fail to explain the services that they provide for their sellers. As a result, it probably comes as no surprise NAR statistics have repeatedly shown that approximately 7 percent of the agents are doing 93 percent of the business. One of the best ways to stand out from the competition is to have a pre-appointment system. Here are the key items that you include:

1.  A list of marketing tools you will use to promote the property
Do you have a list of tools that your Multiple Listing Service and your company provide to market your listings? If not, it’s smart to compile this information and make it available to the sellers either in print or digital form, depending upon their preference. Even if everyone else on your Board and/or in your company has access to this information, virtually no one is explaining it to the sellers. You can stand out from the competition by simply by showing them what you do to achieve maximum exposure to the market.

2. A Referral Services List
When people list their home, there are a wide variety of services that they will need. This includes professional services related to the transaction such as lenders, title, loan officers, building inspectors, movers, etc. Most agents have a list of service providers that they have used in the past and that the sellers can rely on to receive the best possible service.

3. A seller’s homework sheet
Before the sellers ever meet with you, have them pull together information that any prospective buyer may need or be interested in looking at as part of the purchase process. For example, Plans or for receipts (and permits) for any work that has been done the property in the last few years. This includes the plans if there has been a major remodel. or the last 3 months of utility bills so that the buyer can make an informed decision as to the energy costs associated with maintaining the property and Solar Panel Agreements, or other leased equiptment , etc

 4. A communication Agreement
How do the sellers want you to communicate with them and how often? It’s important that you match your sellers’ preferred communication style as opposed to forcing them to match yours. Also, once you agree to when you will communicate, be sure to deliver on what you promise.

5. Testimonials
Having testimonials as part of your Listing Appointment system, especially video testimonials this is a must and very important( i am working on a article on Testimonials)

This system establishes trust and credibility with the sellers to help you get the signature on the Listing Agreement !!! go get those listing and Attack this Market !!!!



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