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imagesI Hear it all the time and its the ongoing debate in the real estate industry, is the effectiveness of social media and in particular the use of LinkedIn and whether an agent can actually make any sales from it and the answer is: YES YOU CAN !! i know a few agents that have closed a few deals from LinkedIn !! I Found this great article and i wanted to share it with you. People have different views of the real estate business, but I ask you this: An unwritten aspect of what we do on a daily basis in real estate as part of our business development is looking for links. I don’t mean a link in the literal URL sense, but we actively seek to meet someone, and we look for commonalities with them to build rapport and build toward the conversation of asking for their business. So it seems hypocritical to me that a group of individuals who often want to talk about their businesses (at times annoyingly) intensely avoid a platform such as LinkedIn.

The act of collecting business cards has been around for so many years. When we connect with another service provider or business owner we exchange business cards and store them in a Rolodex. The Rolodex is that small box that sat on our office desk with separate sections from A to Z to place the important service providers and business owners business card for quick access and reference. So LinkedIn is now become the perfect replacement for the old Rolodex.

  1. Research: Meeting with someone new? Looking for a type of business or service? Take a look at their profile along with the other Google-sleuthing one might do. A simple, easy way to learn some facts and information to connect you with that person and build trust quicker.
  2. Reconnecting: This works well with colleagues from a prior career or with alumni groups, as an example. Maintaining contact with agents, business owners and service providers and keep top of mind with them. It allows you to communicate with them and message with them while adding value in an unobtrusive way.
  3. Recommendations: Few things are more powerful than what others have to say about you. Good reviews provide proof you are someone the writer recommends. I am a huge fan of  “give to get”, to receive reviews from others and improve your online reputation take the time to write reviews first for others on Linkedin.
  4. Referrals and Strategic Alliances: Agents in other markets, other professionals you might build relationships with and other alliances outside of real estate are all good examples of people you can find on LinkedIn. A simple powerful way of building a network of business owners and service providers to leverage with what you do and the people you know with what they do and the people they know.
  5. Notifications: They let you know someone has changed jobs and having anniversaries at work — what a great reason to reach out and congratulate someone. A great reason to reach out to someone and deepen your relationship and make them feel important. They don’t care what you know until they know that you care!
  6. Quality vs. Quantity: I am a huge believer in the quality of the connections vs. the quantity of the connections you have on LinkedIn. Take the time to communicate with the connection and determine the quality of their service, character and business before you just accept the connection.
  7. Reciprocity: The ability to promote what others do with those you know is such a powerful tool. I try to creatively find a way I can promote other business owners and what they do with the business I own and the people I know. When I help others get what they need and want I always find that I get what I want and need in return.


As always please let me know What you have experienced (good or bad) with LinkedIn as a Realtor , if you use it? If you don’t, why not?

and remember to take advantage and Go Attack This great real estate Market !!!



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