!!! Agents: Get the WOW effect for more Sales !!!!

The topic of real estate customer service ( The WOW Effect ) is one that most real estate agents do not pay attention to on a conscious level. Agents know that they must deliver exceptional customer service, and in their own minds think that they do, but the majority do not, not even close, that is why they dont get as much repeat and referral business as they know they should. Wake up Agents. Here is a quick test:


Did your clients at close of escrow say “WOW!you are the best real estate agent in the world and im going to tell everyone”?
Do you get at least 3 referrals(even if they didnt qualify)a year from EACH of your past clients WITHOUT HAVING TO ASK?


If the answer is no, then let me burst your bubble and tell you that you are not providing superior customer service (the wow effect ) and you need to pay attention to the following. In most cases it is simply because the agent did not meet the expectations of the client during their real estate experience and the buyer or seller felt that you were just average agent.
Good customer service is all about bringing clients back. And about sending them away a happy, very very happy – happy enough to pass positive feedback about the sale or purchase of their home along to others, who may then call you. If you’re a good salesperson, you can sell anything to anyone once. But it will be your approach to customer service that determines whether or not you’ll ever be able to sell that same person(or their family &friends) another house. The essence of good customer service is forming a relationship with your clients that buy or sell with you – a relationship that a buyer or seller feels that they would like to continue with you as a real estate agent.


Here are the my 9 Basic Principles in order:


1. Friendliness/Kindness: This is one of the most basic and simplest of principles.you must be gentle pleasant, agreeable, sympathetic , pay attention and listen to them. Even if you are having a less-than-perfect day, make sure to always be friendly and kind when dealing with your buyers or seller and be consistent, we tend to have mood swings, but you should always try to be perfect in this area. have the clients say “WOW” !! in this area


2. Courteously/Helpfulness: Always try to help your buyers and sellers in any way that you can. Your customers wouldn’t be reaching out to you if they didn’t need help of some kind. you must have and show good manners and be polite, dont try to talk over your clients or make them feel like they are real estate dummies make them feel that you care and you will educate them along the way. have the clients say “WOW” when they leave the office and talk about you.


You MUST to make a SUPER STRONG first impression on the above- Listen to me again make a very strong impression !!!!


3. Value: Why should they buy or sell with you? wait a minute,I know why ! because your the best looking real estate agent in San Diego? or because you drive a brand new Mercedes? or your suit is Brioni, or your purse is Hermes, get my point, so you have to give them value ! meaning, you will help them find the house of their dreams, you will get them top dollar for their home, you will help them get the best loan out there, you will negotiate the best deal for them, you will save them a ton of money, you will get them the best real estate related services etc.
4. Knowledgeable: you must perform, with the least waste of time and effort, you must be knowledge of the neighborhood, and must be real estate competent and of the real estate industry; skills,capable and you must be confident and you will pass that feeling of security to your buyers and sellers. Have your clients say wow he knows his ****
5. Ease of access: Speed is everything. You must always be available and respond to your buyers and seller. You must constantly demonstrate that you are there for them and quickly answer the phone or their emails or texts, FYI if you are emailing or texting your client dont expect any referrals or repeat business, remember we are in the Human Connection Business and there is no connection via emails or texts.(when i call agents and i hear their voicemail say “text or emails me for faster response” tells me that they are not top agents, call Patti Mckelvey and see if she answers the phone) Remember to be consistent with answering the phone, just because you are in escrow does not mean that you stop responding quickly, on the contrary you step up your accessability and dont pass the job to your assistant(unless your assistant has superior human connections skills) they want you! they hired you ! dont make this big mistake. Have your client say wow he calls back fast !!
6. Ease of transaction: Once your are in escrow, you need to make sure that the transactions runs smoothly and quickly. Certainly this is never easy, when you have to deal and count on other people to do their jobs; other agent, escrow, title, lenders etc,but ultimately you are responsible for their mistakes, at least in your clients eyes, so you must always stay on top of the companies/people that are involved in the transaction. and here is the Big Secret to make sure everything goes perfect, are you ready to hear it? ok here it goes, USE YOUR PHONE TO FOLLOW UP ! call the other agent, call lender, call escrow, USE your phone, thats what its for people! do you think Patti McKelvey Texts or emails? no she calls !!! get your clients to say WOW that was a great experience !
7. Professionalism: It is critical that you and your staff always look and behave in a professional manner. Your professional manner will most likely differ from how you behave personally, although your core values are the same. Always treat your customers with respect and make them feel that you will always do your best to satisfy their needs. wow he is professional !
8. Do more than expected: go the extra mile, go beyond what your clients expected. rate yourself at the close of escrow.
9. Show Yearly Appreciation: something simple, throw a party or have BBQ or a carne asada or hot dogs & hamburgers or have a movie nite or a show for your clients. I know a few agents that do this and they are a great success.Is an opportunity for your clients friends and relatives to meet you.( also dont forget to invite me since i love to eat and a self proclaimed professional food critic, free of charge)


wowwww ! go attack the market !!!



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