AGENTS: Focus on SOI- Sphere Of Influence

300_sphere_of_influence_copyHere is a Simple and easy way to get more sales and to Stop trying to build your business with your bank account!

Did you know that according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) …72% of clients come from Trusted Resources. So, what are trusted resources? I’ll tell you…they are the very best lead sources that will build your business and cost you absolutely no money!


So here it is people Let me break down, our trusted resources (Lead Sources):


Trusted Resources – Your SOI Seller Transactions:

39% Friends- Family- Neighbors
25% Past Client
7% Other Referrals


Buyer Transactions:

45% SOI
12% Past Client
8% Open House
7% Referrals


Just imagine if you made 10 appointments a month with prospects from these trusted resources. This would transition into 3 closed transactions per month, which is approximately $13-16K in commissioned income. there is an agent i work with and his first day and his first hour ! doing this he got a listing lead and eventually got the listing and stated working with a few buyers !!!

So what can you do about it now? Simple, you must dedicate 5 prospecting hours a week and thats only 1 hour a day !!! what more do you want ? for me to make the calls for you ? Take these lead sources and determine the best times to communicate and build that plan. SOI, referrals, friends, and family are the best area’s to start, it’s about relationship building. It’s tough to build relationship with flyers, email drip campaigns, and mailers. Building relationships require interacting face to face and over the phone. If you haven’t noticed…..this is a Human Resource business. So take that Realtor hat off once in a while and put that HR manager cap on.

This is one of Realtor’s most valuable resource….. These sales are right underneath your nose. !!!!! Take advantage of it !!

Start your charge today by building your plan, and taking action…. without reaching for your credit cards or checkbook.

Go out and Attack this great Market !!



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