!!! Throw Away Your Real Estate Scripts !!!

For years during my real estate career I paid a lot of money to get trained on sales scripts to convert leads into sales, then one beautiful San Diego day I woke up and realized that we are not in the real estate business but in the Human Relations and Human Connection business and instead of trying fancy scripts and “close” on people I just got real with people(The Golden Rule). We sell homes to actual people with emotions and feelings( not to robots ) and if you are not making a Human Connection( getting them to like you and trust you) then they are going to give you the “human boot”, its super important that you listen to their needs, their concerns, their wants, their goals… and people nowadays dont like agents that are trying to be this fancy salesmen with amazing phone skills, or use any type of pressure to make them decide to buy or sell (if you want your buyers or sellers to give you the boot, keep doing it) you have to get real, genuine and focused on connecting with them. (FYI the best agent in the world that uses sales tactics will not out sell the best agent that uses Human Relations tactics). I cant believe that all of these years years I should have been getting trained in the Human Relations Business, when was the last time you got trained in Human Relations? never ! FYI take a Human Relations Course instead of another “How To Sell” seminar. Tell Mike Ferry i said that! He knows who I am !


Here are How Clients like to be treated:


#1. Kindly – (you must be gentle pleasant, agreeable, sympathetic and it must be genuine or they will know!).
#2. Courteously – (you must have and show good manners, polite, you must impress them in this area!)
#3. Effectively – (you must be prepared and available to show or answer questions at ANY given moment.)
#4. Efficiently – ( you must perform, with the least waste of time and effort, you must be knowledge of the neighborhood, and must be real estate competent and of the real estate industry; skills,capable.)


In my research I have noticed that most Top Agents have these 4 qualities, but with a dominant quality of #1 & #2 and most other average agents have a dominant #3 & #4 and they lack #1 & #2. FYI: In my 25 years in real estate I have found that most agents, in their own minds, think they are strong in #1 & #2 , but in fact, they seriously lack and need to improve.


Case in Point: I work with a real estate agent and she has excellent human relations skills !!!!!!!!! I will tell you now, I have met tons of real estate agents and other coaches and brokers with exceptional real estate sales skills but dont even come close to this agents human relations skill, I will tell you if I had to buy anything in this world I would want her to represent me ! I am serious ! but here is the point, within a 4 month period she has sold a little over 15 homes and every single of these clients LOVE her ! but wait ! I dont mean “like her” I mean “love her” seriously !!! what this means is that if these people ever sell, of course they are going to use her, but not only that, since they love her like family, they will tell all their friends, and not just casually, but they will brag and insist they use her !!!!!!!!!! wow how lucky is she to have these skills !!! another agent that I work with is also one of the nicest guys out there and because of that he is a top agent in the South County. Bottomline is that you must TRULY connect with your client to reap 100% benefits and there is no way around that. Would’nt you want to have an agent that you really liked if you were buying or selling? so get the right attitude. (call me if you need me to check your attitude, free of charge)


go attack the market !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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